We now have Marriage Equality for everyone, a great step forward for Australia. Your wedding ceremony is the heart of your day. All your plans lead to it, in anticipation, or away from it, in celebration. It should honour your love, relationship and existing commitment. Simply, if it is right for you, it will be right for your families and guests.

There are many options to consider: you can include anyone and anything to make it personal for you. You can create your own vows that are meaningful for you.   Most couples create the entire ceremony.

The creation of an intimate, personal and perfect celebration is a fine art and a culmination of everything that you bring to the moment.

You can never underestimate the power of any ritual, no matter how small or simple. It is a moment to connect to the sacred nature of life and love. My role is to inspire you, with care and guidance, to create exactly the ceremony and day that you want. To help you change nervous to excited.

I have always been involved with same-sex ceremonies that celebrate the wonderful diversity of relationships. I offer these ceremonies with the same joy, honour, respect and delight that I bring to everything I do. There is often a subtle depth to these ceremonies that takes many people by surprise.

Other Ceremonies

There are many other opportunity to celebrate the different occasions in our lives.

Vow Renewals, Re-commitments, Anniversaries, Commitment Ceremonies or Weddings for couples who are already married (or who don’t want to sign the legal paperwork),

Couples may not want to, or may not be able to commit to a legal marriage. The ceremony and process are much the same just without some of the words and the documents.

Again there are many paths leading to these ceremonies and they are a deepening of a commitment already made, held and cherished.

To still be in love and to celebrate the passing of years with a ceremony, often with children present is a wonderful place to be. Offering an opportunity to really enjoy and celebrate your relationship can be exceptional as not everyone feels that way as time goes by.

Inviting in or Letting go Ceremonies

When trying to conceive a child, some couples want to invite in with clear intention. Some want to clear any obstacles that may be in the way. For others, the loss of a child in utereo, through whatever circumstances, is a moment they feel may need to be marked and honoured in a simple and beautiful way.

Welcoming to the World & Baby Naming Ceremonies

These Ceremonies are a non-religious way to celebrate the arrival and blessings that children bring.  Gently honouring and celebrating the child’s place within its family, community and the bigger family of humankind. They serve to deepen the already strong bonds between the child and those that are in its life now and into a shared  future.

Funerals, Memorials, or Ashes Ceremonies

At the other end of the spectrum I am also a leading alternative Funeral Celebrant, Consultant and Educator.

Assisting people to pass through the dying, death, funeral and bereavement experiences with care, guidance and compassion. Helping people to prepare and understand. So they can participate in and create a meaningful, appropriate Rite of Passage for them or their loved ones.

The options around ceremonies are fantastic and varied. Many people are unaware of what is legally possible. Just as birth was reclaimed in the 80’s, we have been reclaiming death celebrations on the North Coast for many years with a style that complements the way many people have lived their lives here.

Just to open up your awareness to some of the possibilities:  building and/or decorating a coffin yourself, having the funeral outdoors, or at home in the familiarity of your garden, or in a local park, and it’s also possible to bury on private ground.  Please see the other section of my website.