Couples Comments

Pamela and Frank

“Meeting with you was great. We knew that your energy was going to be right for us. Your step by step advice and your suggestions and format worked well for us.

You were responsive to emails and answered all of my questions clearly. Our ceremony went beautifully. We appreciated your calm manner and your obvious experience.

We felt very supported. Our ceremony was just as we wanted. Intimate and relaxed and in such a beautiful setting which you helped us choose and set up.

Zenith…. just keep doing what your doing! You are there for people and it just comes through.

We SAVOURED every moment!!!”


Mel and Damon

“Thank you for a wonderful job at our wedding. I really appreciated your heartfelt but down to earth approach, support and guidance along the way and of course everything on the day.

It is thanks to you that we had the beautiful ceremony that we did. I couldn’t believe it when we forgot the bouquets! Thanks for keeping us all cool at that moment.

Then, when the rain clouds started coming, your intuition, guidance and crowd control abilities were remarkable. Waiting those few extra moments in the car (which seemed like an eternity) enabled us to have our beautiful ceremony in the dry and sunshine!

You are a true professional, thank you.”


Corinne and Sam

“You were Absolutely Fantastic, you really supported both of us through a very nervous time (especially Sam!). Sam found you very calming and hasn’t stopped giving you good reports to everyone.

We instantly felt very comfortable with you & very at ease. We had 100% confidence in you by the time we had finished our first meeting which was one less stress for us in preparation & on the day.

The process was a lot easier than what we had thought (I’m sure it wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for your very simple approach to explaining things to us), it was great to have some examples of other weddings to read as we really didn’t have any idea on where to start.

Best thing was the beautiful words that you helped us write & also your presence on the day, you were perfect and everybody has commented on how lovely the wedding was, they also made a point of saying that they could hear every word that you said which they thought would be a problem with the strong sound of the ocean.

Even a half deaf guest commented to me on this!”


Rebecca and Jamus

“Zenith was a very professional and efficient celebrant who was completely non-judgmental and understanding when it came to planning a ceremony that was a little out of the ordinary.

She was caring and honest. When the ceremony was over and we had to go our separate ways it felt like we were saying goodbye to an old friend!”


Jules and Keith

“Our Wedding planner suggested 3 potential celebrants, of which you were one, we looked at all the websites and chose you. We got a good feeling and the perception was that it would be intimate and relaxing and that’s what appealed to us. You made us feel like you know what you’re doing and are very experienced, whilst at the same time making it feel very individual and special.

Apart from saying “I do’, the best thing was meeting you the day before and running through it all and getting on the same page together so it all went well on our big day. This helped us feel relaxed with you, bond with you and all be clear about the expectations of the ceremony.

Our guests were very impressed by how you handled everything too.

We had a fabulous wedding ceremony, it surpassed our expectations and we’re very happy that we chose you as our celebrant.”


BJ and Pete

“We had complete trust and excitement from our first meeting, you were very easy and relaxing, and we felt free to do what we wanted, but also very supported. I felt very prepared and calm.

I loved the individualism of it all.

I also really loved how the service was positioned and how we stood. Many people have commented on how great it is that you were standing on the side. As lovely as you are, it is great to have just us in all of those special moments that were caught on camera. I really loved the exchange of rings and I know that my bridesmaids loved switching sides.

Everyone raved about you. All of the guests thought that you were very special, as you are. I’m so glad that we had you as our celebrant.”


Samantha and Scott

“Our wedding was everything we wanted. Casual, relaxed and stressless!

My friends and family commented on your calm and soothing presence. It poured on our wedding day and our ceremony was moved from the beach to the living area of our rental home. The closeness of the quarters and the desires of everyone could have been havoc, but your calm and firm guidance made sure that everything went smoothly.

Thank you. We aren’t fussy people and wanted to have an intimate and relaxed ceremony with our friends and families and that’s exactly what we had. Thanks to you, even the rain couldn’t put a damper on our day. Your guidance and recognition of what we wanted made it possible for us to enjoy the moment.

Our wedding was everything we wanted it to be. Thank you!”


Kate and Matt

“We liked you straight away, you really know what you’re doing and your confidence was reassuring. Your tips and ideas were very much valued and made such a difference to our ceremony. You made everything easy and clear.

We saw your picture on your site, and you seemed so down-to-earth, friendly, modern and non-denominational.

The best thing was all the tips you gave us, and the Rescue Remedy (as recommended by your good self! for people who are nervous or are stressed about getting up in front of others and being centre of attention) was a fantastic help.

You helped make our wedding ceremony so special. Your obvious experience and wonderful calm and loving nature was evident in how smoothly the ceremony went, how relaxed it was, and how intimate it felt. The world seemed to stand still while we bonded ourselves in love and commitment.

The way you presented the ceremony bound not only us as a couple, but also enfolded our families in that beautiful moment in time that none of us will ever forget. It was truly a magical experience, thank you so much for helping that happen. We love you and will never forget you.”


Lara and Colin

“Many thanks for everything, and for such an amazing wedding ceremony. Both Colin and I really appreciated your thoughts and help in creating the ceremony and your energy on the day was perfect.

We loved every second of the ceremony, it was beautiful and intense experience. Our ceremony was even more intimate than we imagined!

Thank you for your supportive and nurturing energy. We heard about the wonderful way you dealt with everything before the ceremony, and keeping the guests together when we were late.

Once again thank you.”


Brooke and Jean-Claude

“Choosing you as our celebrant was the best decision for us. You are so obviously very experienced and guided us through every step of the way with your wonderful supportive manner, sense of calm and practical help and advice.    We couldn’t have been happier.

Your input and ideas on creating an absolutely beautiful and intimate ceremony which truly celebrated our love.   The way you explained in detail how the ceremony would unfold (which made us feel calm and relaxed) and also how you encouraged us to stay in the moment.

Your fantastic communication skills with the guests, family members and children in ensuring all unfolded to plan!   Not to mention the beautiful execution of the ceremony itself.

Thank you so much Zenith from the bottom of our hearts.”


Katrina and Damian

“We got married in March 2005, on the beach at The Pass, Byron Bay. We had been together for many years and had three small children. We wanted a relaxed, informal yet intimate ceremony. Zenith gave us everything that we wanted and more.

She gave us invaluable ideas on writing our own meaningful ceremony and ways to include our children. On the day Zenith was a much needed calming influence. She helped us to relax and be ‘in the moment’ so that we would both fully appreciate the service.

The love that we felt for each other, our family and friends was made even stronger by the beautiful ceremony you helped us create and the way you delivered it. It was so wonderful I’d do it again tomorrow.

Thank you so much Zenith.”


Renee and Jeff

“Zenith, You made everything run so smoothly, you were so caring, friendly and you really understood our needs.”