Dying, Death & Loss

I work with people at any stage or right through the continuum of life, death and loss :

Wellbeing . Illness . Dying . Death . In-between . Ceremony . Disposal . Bereavement 

I believe everyone has the inherent capacity to deal with death, dying and loss well. Often waking up and enhancing what is already intrinsicaly known. I work with anyone who wants to understand and be informed of all their options, so they can make empowering and appropriate choices. Ideally it is best to inquire and consider the information and your situation ‘before need’, rather than ‘during the moment’ or ‘after it has occurred’, however anytime is a good time to be more empowered.

Consultation on legal documents, such as Death and After death Care Planning, Enduring Guardianship, Power of Attorney, Advance Care Plans and Wills.  Options around quality end of life care, in hospital, hospice or at home, to be able to die with dignity. Choices around a less fear filled death, without continued invasive medical intervention.

Plans for the ceremony or a life celebration, including coffins, locations, intention, music, readings, speakers. Environmental considerations, burial on private ground, cardboard or handmade coffins, bio-degardable urns.