Who has the legal right to make the funeral arrangements?

Although the next of kin usually arranges the funeral, the Executor of the Will has the legal right to the body and to take care of the arrangements.

Will I be able to die at home in my own bed?

Yes, depending on the circumstances involved, but with community nurses, palliative care support and people willing to be your carers, many people die in their own homes, surrounded by the people they love.

Can I have a cardboard coffin, or even build my own coffin?

Yes, there are several cardboard coffin providers and their products meet the Australian Standards.  It is also legal to build your own.  It has to meet the size specifications to fit into the grave or the cremator, and the standard set by the receiving establishment. Cardboard coffins are in standard use in many countries.

Could I be buried in a shroud?

Yes, in NSW it is possible.

Is it possible to be buried on my own land?

Each local government area should have a policy for burial on private ground. It is usually dictated by the size of the property. Contact your local authority and ask them about their policy.

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