My Approach

My Approach

Death has been an excellent teacher and has encouraged me to live a rich and full life. I have explored a few spiritual paths and now rest in a great love for the deep mystery.  This allows me to just be with everyone whatever their spiritual, religious or scientific beliefs.

We have created a deathstyle to match our lifestyle, it is not anything new it is more a return to the traditional, before the funeral industry came into being and took this deeply personal experience out of our hands.

My work has been a great privilege and a wonderful learning. Working with so many people in a diverse range of situations, my experience has given me a familiarity, offering insight and revealing gifts in the most challenging of places.  Helping others to explore, coming to a place of acceptance of their own death and ultimately of those we love.

Death is absolutely certain.  The time and circumstances often uncertain. By far the best time to prepare is in the fullness of our lives. Many cultures and philosophies embrace the concept of living life as a practice for death.

By being courageous enough to look at the fears we hold around living and dying, we allow ourselves to face them fully, work with them and transform them. Facing our fears in an honest and open way, with guidance and assistance, the quality of our lives can be enriched.

Religion, science, spirituality and philosophy have all pondered the questions death provokes. They have created a range of concepts and beliefs for us to consider, embrace or dismiss, these can be a help or a hindrance at the time of death.

What happens after death will become clear to us only when we die. It is our journey to get there that is my interest and passion.