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Ceremony Masterclass


This training is only recommended for those who have completed the Consultation and Celebrancy Training or the equivalent in-person training with Zenith Virago as it builds on the structure and content knowledge gained in those trainings.

Informed by over 30 years working as a professional Celebrant, consulting, creating and delivering real and healing ceremonies, it is designed to help you feel more capable with more complex situations, delve deeper and grow your practice as a Celebrant. Build your capacity to craft language and deliver ceremonies in challenging circumstances.

Learn why it is important to be courageous in your language and how to disperse truth and dispel rumours, discover how a good ceremony honours the dead, is crucial to the healing and well-being of the bereaved, and allows people to walk away with wisdom gifts and feeling ready to live without that person in their life.

It is the distillation of decades of in-person training and teaching, tailored to inform and empower you and those around you to assist everyone to have the most beneficial experience possible.


2½ hours total viewing time


Downloadable Documents

  • Ceremony Masterclass Manual

9 Video Modules

  1. Death & Ceremony as a Rite of Passage
  2. Trauma & Healing
  3. When people kill themselves
  4. Pre-Birth, Babies & Small Children
  5. Children & Teenagers, Initiation into adulthood
  6. Accidents, Natural Causes & Organ Donation
  7. Sensitive Issues: Beliefs, Flatlining, Drugs, No Body
  8. Murder, Delay & Related complexity
  9. Walking Back into Life & Next Steps

Training will be available online for 30 days after purchase.