The fee includes guidance, meetings, advice, correspondence, the legal paperwork and commemorative Marriage Certificate, experience, local travel, creation and delivery of the Ceremony itself.

There is no official guideline or standard fee for a civil wedding ceremony.  Each Celebrant charges an appropriate fee for their service.  The charge should reflect the value or quality of service they provide, some Celebrants also charge according to the communities they serve.  Consequently, there are a wide range of fees, just as there are Celebrants and the standard of their work. Celebrant Fees can range anywhere from $400-$1200 upwards.

The quality of the Celebrant, their combination of skills, and their suitability to you, can make or break the day.     So, consider your choice carefully, it should be someone who makes you feel relaxed, confident and excited.

My fees are around $850 for a small elopement, and range between $950 – $1200 for small, medium and larger weddings.

The fee is usually paid in two parts. A $200 lodgement fee, which also serves as the deposit, and is paid when you lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM).

The outstanding balance is payable at some time just before the wedding, most often when we meet a day or two before the wedding to talk it all through, and discuss the final details. Most payments are now paid through internet banking.

Beyond Byron

On invitation, I am available to travel for weddings for those who can’t make it to Byron,  air fares and accommodation are a part of this negotiation.