Weddings and Legals

Being married by a Celebrant in Australia is the same simple legal procedure for everyone.
This will soon include all LGBTIQ people as well. Regardless of whether you are an Australian resident, citizen or an overseas visitor.

For those of you who like to understand the legal aspects, the simplest way is to see it in three parts;

Firstly, discuss your plans together, choose a date, a time and a venue.

Contact me by email or phone to check availability. As we discuss your plans, it is important that you feel at ease and comfortable. To avoid being disappointed, I encourage you to contact me sooner rather than later in your planning.

If you are local or visiting, we can meet.  If you are interstate or overseas the whole process is totally possible and also quite personal via email or skype.

Secondly, the legal requirements are:  you must be over 18 and free to marry. The paperwork begins with the Notice of Intended Marriage, (NIM), which you can download below. The NIM must be completed, signed by you, and witnessed by one of the prescribed persons.  The NIM must be received by the celebrant one month in advance of the proposed wedding date.

*It is absolutely possible to do this from overseas with a Notary Public as witness.

*In certain circumstances the NIM can be received with the signature of only one of the parties to the marriage.

The NIM is usually completed early on. If you are in a mad rush or have missed the month deadline, exceptions are  sometimes granted by the Local Court Registrar. If this is your situation, please talk to me about it.

You can download The NIM HERE. It is a free, simple 2 page form.

You will need to produce your Birth Certificates or Passports at some time before your wedding – usually when you lodge the NIM. If you have been married before, you will need to show documented evidence of the end of your previous marriage ( Divorce Decree or Death Certificate).

As part of the total fee, a deposit is paid at this stage to cover initial administration costs and to book the time and day.

Thirdly, either in our meeting, or by email, you would tell me a little about yourselves, your children, family etc, number of guests, location, what style or flavour of ceremony you envisage, etc…

I would give or send you some ceremony guidelines on structure and possible content, along with options for you to consider and examples of ceremonies which are relevant to you.

Whatever your plans or desires, we can make it happen easily and beautifully.

If you are expecting a child, already a family, or have any special circumstances or surprises, just let me know.

Generally, you only get one chance to make your ceremony the perfect celebration.  Really it’s all in the preparation,… so you can be fully present and enjoy your day.