Deathwalker Training & Ceremony Workshops

Deathwalker Training & Funeral Workshops

I currently teach the 3 day Deathwalker Training and the 1 or 2 day Ceremony Master Class through the Natural Death Care Centre. There are a range of other workshops and seminars, these can also be tailored to the individual needs of specific groups.  The DT is for anyone who wants to be better informed and prepared for their own death or for that of someone close to them. Ideal for individuals, carers, volunteers, hospice workers, health professionals and celebrants. The CMC is a follow on from the DT or for Celebrants. These workshops are a unique opportunity for exploration, discovery and growth.

We give more meaning and depth to our lives by becoming more informed and prepared around dying or bereavement.  This helps us to better cope with situations as they present themselves.

They contain a potent mix of social, legal, practical and spiritual aspects. Providing you with useful information to help you negotiate your way through challenging situations.  Improve your own resources so you can engage in more beneficial dialogue and discussion.  By revealing the practicalities, you learn what is involved at the different stages.  Understand what is legally permissible and just how much you can do yourself.  Create a beautiful farewell Rite of Passage that is meaningful, appropriate and memorable.  Be more hands on.

DT Components may include:

  • Facing Fears, Embracing Death, Celebrating Life
  • Exploring Options, Considerations & Choices
  • Understanding the Legal and Practical aspects (DIY)
  • Planning and Creating a Funeral Ceremony or Life Celebration
  • Considering Eco/Sustainable possibilities
  • Loss and Bereavement: Immediate & Ongoing
  • FMC Components may include:

  • More complex death ceremonies
  • When someone ends their own life
  • Stillborn, small babies or children
  • Traumatic circumstances
  • Murder
  • Natural Death Care Centre

    The Natural Death Care Centre is a registered charity located within the Byron Shire, NSW.  We are actively involved locally with the death and dying process and are also part of the growing global wave of individuals and organizations who are committed to demystifying and reclaiming death and dying.

    Our Inspirational Dream is that “every individual, community and service provider has the knowledge and capacity to do death well”.

    The NDCC core commitments are:

    • An acceptance that death is the natural and sacred end of life.
    • The acknowledgement that indigenous peoples have always known that death is the natural and sacred end of life.
    • Respect for the diversity of spiritual, religious, cultural and scientific beliefs.
    • To embody a holistic, sustainable, compassionate and kind approach.
    • To take action for positive social change around the experience of sudden and expected death.
    • To demystify dying, palliative care, death, funerals, body disposal, loss, grief and bereavement.
    • To support people to be well informed and to participate in appropriate and meaningful end of life and after death care.

    Each year on the second Sunday in November we hold the Day of the Dead ceremony. This sacred gathering of community, combined with art and memento making and finishing with a ceremony allows people to honour their dead so they can be more with the living.