Death is a great teacher

Being courageous enough to explore and embrace death as the natural and sacred end of our lives really enhances the quality and depth of our living. 

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"I believe everyone has the inherent capacity to do dying, death and loss well." -Zenith Virago

Learn what your options are, consider them, and make more informed and appropriate decisions for better outcomes.

Be comfortable with death in your personal life

Learn how to die well.

Explore what is involved legally, practically, spiritually and emotionally at every stage so you can dissolve your fears and misconceptions, and grow capacity.

Care for the dying.

Navigate the health system and practitioners, consider death at home, after-death body care, and organise a beautiful ceremony and the appropriate body disposal.

Prepare for sudden death.

Be prepared so you can function and stay as calm and present for an unexpected death as possible, and to respond well to challenging situations.

Enhance your professional life

Become a Deathwalker.

Accompany people and their families through dying, death and bereavement at a uniquely personal time whether you have a calling or death is calling you.

Be a better Celebrant.

Consult, glean, create and then facilitate a meaningful and holistic ceremony, including for sudden deaths leading to a healthier bereavement.

Enrich existing skills.

Grow your professional capacity and familiarity to benefit your people in their experience. Learn what is involved to assist them with their options and choices.

Introduction to Trainings

Explore the introductory modules to see if my holistic approach and experience are right for you, and consider completing a personal Death and After-Death Care Plan. Discover exactly what may be involved and choose what you want to happen whether you die expectedly or suddenly.
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Online Trainings

Over 30 year of experience is now available online so you can learn at a pace and depth that is right for you.

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Zenith Virago

Deathwalker, Celebrant and educator, Zenith offers guidance, support and care to inform, enable and empower people to be as capable and courageous as they can while accompanying and assisting them to experience their dying, loss or bereavement in the best way they can. She shares her extensive wisdom on the obvious and the subtle layers involved.

If you are looking to get married in Australia, wanting Zenith to speak at your global event, or anything else not related to these trainings, please make direct contact using the Contact Form.

Meet Zenith

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Zenith is now offering individual personal sessions for people who are dying, people caring for the dying, and professionals who are working with any aspect of end-of-life matters and looking to enrich their skills or knowledge.

You choose how to spend the time and what the conversation covers.

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